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Managing Rental Properties During COVID-19

Property Management Blog

Trinity Team Management is taking precautions to protect our landlords and tenants. Regulations change twice a day at times, dictating how the real estate industry can proceed in their day to day activities. As of today we are as busy as ever and have added several properties ...

Do Not Allow Squatters

Property Management Blog

As we progress with Landlord Mistakes and Self-Managing, today we’ll visit the topic of landlords allowing squatters on their investment property. A squatter is a  person who unlawfully occupies an uninhabited building or unused land. They essentially...

Conflicts and Confrontation when Self-Managing

Property Management Blog

Most everyone wants to be liked. We want to make our tenants feel welcome and appreciated, not only because they’re human beings but also because we care about our property and our hope is, they will care too.

If you’ve decided to self-manage it’s tough...

The Rise of Skywalker Client Appreciation

Property Management Blog

Trinity Team Real Estate celebrated our clients at The Rise of Skywalker in December! Hosting client appreciation events is a long standing tradition going back more than fifteen years. We've shared so many new releases with people we now consider friends and have solid re...

Maintaining The Condition of Your Investment Property

Property Management Blog

Some of the most costly aspects of self-managing your rental property will be monitoring and maintenance. Not only will this cost money but it will also cost precious time. No doubt, maintenance issues and emergencies will occur in the middle of the night. while you're on ...

To Manage or Not To Manage Your Own Property

Property Management Blog

To Manage or Not To Manage #1

What is the most difficult aspect of managing your own property? We at Trinity Team believe it’s the landlord/tenant relationship. As a landlord we want to start the relationship off on ...

Trinity Team Real Estate at The Bay in Broomfield

Property Management Blog

A great time was had by all at our 10th annual client appreciation party at The Bay Aquatic Park in Broomfield! I’ve honestly never seen the sun shine brighter. Our senior property manager Bret Wagner was on the grill cooking up hamburgers and hot dogs for all...

Costs associated with owning rental property

Property Management Blog

Although there are endless benefits when owning rental property there are also costs to be aware of. Trinity Team Property Management works rigorously to create a seamless experience for the owner of the property as well as the tenant. It's always smart to do your due dili...

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