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Pricing Packages


At times it comes to a point where it makes sense for you as an owner to sell your rental unit. As a valued customer we will transfer half of the initial listing fee of the last tenant towards our listing fee to list your home.


It has become a standardized practice in the industry to charge a 10% oversite fee on all maintenance issues. This means if the contractor charged $30 to replace a toilet part, you as the owner will see a charge of $33.00. Many companies hide this fact but we want to make sure that we are transparent in all of our charges.


We believe the best way to show a property to a perspective tenant is in person, and face to face. This way you can get a feel for the perspective tenant and also show off the homes features. We also have the option or capability to let the perspective tenants look at the property immediately through “Rently”. Rently is a website option that we offer for owners to let the perspective tenant look at the rental unit immediately. This goes back to the sales tactic of get them while they are hot. If they drive by the rental unit and they want to see it immediately, and don’t want to wait for an agent, they can upload their license and a credit card to the website. If everything comes back approved, then Rently will text them a code to get into the rental unit. This is a $60 fee that we will incur if the owner decides to use this option. The move in, move out, and the bi-annual inspections are all done in person. Pictures are taken at each meeting and uploaded for the owner and tenant to be able to view through their portals.


It will always be discussed with a tenant or an owner on any fee’s that we will charge up front and agreed upon. We upload all invoices for the owner to be able to review.

Monthley Fee 10%
Leasing Fee Half of 1st Month’s Rent
Lease Renewal Included
Set Up Fee (Per Property) Included
Market Analysis Included
Marketing Plan Included
Video Tour $50.00
Advertising and Syndication Included
Personal Property Showings 7 Days a Week 8AM-8PM Included
Rently (Immediate Access for Showings) $30.00
Flyers Included
Monthly and Year End Statements Included
On Line Portal Statements Included
EOY 1099's Included
Access to any Bills paid on Owners Behalf Included
Professional Pictures for Marketing $150.00
Insurance Claims Oversight Fee 10% of Claim
Eviction Oversight Fee through Execution of the Writ of Restitution $250.00
Adding an Additional Tenant to Lease or Having to Write a New Lease $200.00
3rd Party Detailed Inspection $150-$450
Property Tax Appeal $100.00
Additional Inspections $50.00
Check and Cash processing Fee $5.00
One Time Upfront Pet Fee $250.00
Monthly Pet Fee $25.00
Fine for Unapproved Pet $500.00
Eviction Rescue Fee (non-clients) $500.00